Arrival in Guangzhou!

Ok, so strictly speaking it’s been two weeks since I’ve arrived in Guangzhou and I’m cheating by changing the published date. Sue me.

I’ve taken my time getting this blog off the ground but I’ve been keeping a fairly organized record of posts on my personal computer, which I will shortly upload (once again, published under the date they were actually written). This way I could give some semblance of a background and progression without jumping straight into week 3.

A little bit of background: the reason I’m in Guangzhou is to complete a 10-week internship at the Preventive Ophthalmology Department of the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center(中山眼科中心防盲治盲办公室)under the mentorship of Dr. He and Dr. Congdon. During the course of the summer, I plan to work closely with another fantastically hardworking graduate student to organize and initiate a study on the effects of patient counseling on cataract surgery acceptance.

Guangzhou is a lot larger than I expected. It looks so easy to walk all over the city when you’re looking at a small map; sort of shocking when you realize it actually takes 30 minutes to walk one inch of it. It also rains a lot, although according to my fellow students I’ve arrived during a good week–three glimpses of sun in the timespan of one week. It’s a lot different than Philly; whereas in Philly you’re likely to find tall office buildings, restaurants and eateries in select neighborhoods, and the occasional supermarket, the streets here are lined with street restaurants, vendors, convenience stores, banks, eyeglass centers (???), and small shops selling everything from tea to shoes to bathroom items.

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