Price Transparency: An Interactive Timeline

“Price transparency.” Search the term on google news and almost all of the hits deal with health care. In the less than four months since Steven Brill published his Time expose on hospital prices (which I commented on), health care price transparency has vaulted to the center of national health care debate.

Today, Mr. Brill is on Capitol Hill testifying at a Senate Finance Committee hearing on price transparency. Sounds like he had some pretty harsh words on Obamacare.

Given the growing momentum on the topic, I’ve thrown together an interactive timeline of key events that have happened in the last few weeks. (Really wish WordPress would allow me to embed flash.) Enjoy!

One thought on “Price Transparency: An Interactive Timeline

  1. Look at all these developments (from major players) in just 5 and a half weeks time! I think this is great. I firmly believe more and more will gradually get on board and movement is headed in the right direction. Excellent roundup, Tom.

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