My name is Tianyu (Tom) Liu. This blog was created when I was still a student at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. In 2009, I received a Lang Opportunity Scholarship from the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility to carry out a social action project prior to graduation. For my project, I sought to help cataract patients in rural China gain access to treatment and increase their awareness and understanding of eye disease prevention, ultimately implementing a village health worker training and screening program with the help of amazing mentors and some very dedicated local volunteers. This blog was created as a chronicle of my experiences.

Since then, I have graduated and now work at The Advisory Board Company in Washington, D.C., where I conduct best practice research with hospitals and health systems across the U.S. This blog continues as way for me to independently share my thoughts on health care, medicine, and occasional random musings.

Thanks to Connie for coming up with this creative blog name.

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